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Welcome to social club hub
Social Club Hub is all about getting out, meeting new people, expanding your social life and taking part in the activities you enjoy. Joining is FREE for singles and couples of all ages.
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5 reasons to join
  • Make new friends with common interests
  • Find new clubs and events to participate in
  • It is not a dating website - no pressure
  • Receive great deals on products & services
  • Meet new friends while traveling

Social Clubs

Meet other enthusiasts with similar passions as yourself by joining a social club in your area!  All who are interested are welcome here, from beginners knitting clubs to the most sophisticated chess champions! Whether your forte is travel, tennis, skiing, gaming, wine tasting, mountain climbing, mathematics, or music – join the Social Club Hub to find like-minded people who share a passion for the same things.

Some of these social clubs promote trips throughout the world; have local monthly meetings which allow you to socialize, and all of them maintain messaging boards and/or blogs for regular contact.  By joining our Social Club Hub you will obtain access to a large database of clubs from which you may find a myriad of new friends. Your social life is going to make an amazing change when you find the right.

Social clubs – from snowboarding and wine tasting to dance and music

If you’re an avid snowboarder, think how exciting it would be to be able to discuss with other snowboarding enthusiasts like yourself, the thrill of performing flips, spins, slides and rail maneuvers.  Wine connoisseurs: you may find the wine-tasting gala of your dreams; and for all you travelers: your next trip could be touring Italy with new friends! Together, as a group with common interests, you can discuss any subject in all of its glory.

All of the clubs on the Social Club Hub list have been carefully screened by the Social Club Hub Advisory Board and meet our standards.   All of the clubs and social groups are open to single or married people of all ages, ethnic groups and genders. You can meet people with common interests to just make friends, learn a new activity or attend a sponsored trip.

Join Social Club Hub today and look through the list of participating social clubs and find the right one for YOU.

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