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Content Ads

Promote your Business.  Your Content Ad is seen on all the important pages on our website with a direct link to your Website.  We match your Products and Services to our Member’s “Activity Interest Profile”.  Everyone seeing your Ad is already known to be interested in your Product.  You can choose to be seen locally, statewide or nationally!!


Advertiser’s Name You can display your ads to members with specific interests relating to your products and services.

Merchant Links

Make your Business searchable to thousands of Local Customers. Your Ad is located on our dedicated “Merchant Links Page”.  Ads are filtered so your Business will be seen by our Members known to be interested in your Products and Services in the location of your Business. Your Ad will have a direct link to your Website!!


Advertiser’s Name Advertising is affordable, with options for local, state or national ad campaigns.

Deals & Discounts

Nothing attracts customers better than “Deals & Discounts”. You offer a “Deal” to our Members and we promote it for you straight to known customers based on their Activity Interest.  You choose the amount of the “Discount” and how long you want to run it.  Customers are loyal and will be coming back for more…


Advertiser’s Name  Control your own advertising budget with the performance click through program where you set the cap.

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  •  Targeted advertising
  •  Easy to manage your own ads
  • Different packages to choose from
  •  Affordable pricing